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Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for more than half of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, making it the largest energy expense for most homes? 


The average disposable air filter removes only 10% or less of the pollutants that pass through them. Electrostatic Filters remove 94% of these contaminants.  

If you’ve already invested in getting your air ducts cleaned, this premium quality air filter will keep your system clean and free of irritants for years to come. This high performance filter comes with a lifetime warranty, never needs replacing,
and does not require any modifications to your air system.

Electrostatic air filters, lifetime warranty
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Contaminants, such as pollen, pet dander and mold, can accumulate in duct systems, aggravating or potentially causing health conditions like allergies and asthma. These allergens are difficult to remove without professional services, such as those provided by Advanced Duct Cleaning. Our powerful vacuum units and thorough duct cleaning process eliminates these contaminants from furnace ducts and vents, improving the indoor air quality of your home or business and eliminating potential health hazards.

Annual furnace cleaning and service keeps your furnace running at optimum efficiency and protects the lifespan of your heating system. Schedule a professional furnace inspection and cleaning from the experts at Advanced Duct Cleaning.

Our qualified technicians will evaluate your furnace system and provide a free quote for services to ensure the proper functioning of your system.


When airflow in your furnace is constricted by dirt and debris, your system works harder to maintain a set temperature. Professional cleaning of your air ducts can improve the efficiency of your furnace system, reducing energy costs.

Our qualified technicians use high-powered truck mounted vacuums, rotary brush systems and state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly clean furnace and duct systems for the best performance of your HVAC unit and pollutant-free indoor air.